The 411

District 5ive is a 90s inspired Street Wear label, ran out of Melbourne, Australia.

It is a lot of things. It is a dream that is starting to take place. It is the movement of ideas on paper to the computer and finally onto items of clothing.

D5 to some people is the same idea as every other brand out there, but to us it’s a time machine, that takes us back to the 80’s and 90’s… When Starter was on every head in the street, when everybody was rocking double denim or matching tracksuits. That’s our style. Our Designs are going to look like they are straight out of anything from Do The Right Thing to Michael Jordan’s Play Ground. We are the perfect combination of Fashion and Sport. We are designing for the future, so in 20 years kids don’t start dressing like half the people today.

This will be an interesting venture, we think it’s going to be fun for both you and us.

We are not rebelling, just excelling.

District 5ive

Ain’t It Funky.